Qualified Leads. Fixed Budget. Clear ROI.

Your business needs a digital advertising solution. We agree up front on budget and goals. You convert new leads to sales. With the StickySmart Pro Bundle…it’s that simple. No à la carte pricing. No surprises. Except for your amazing results.

StickySmart Pro Bundle

The StickySmart Pro Bundle is a blended advertising solution combining powerful marketing platforms to generate high-quality leads. We build your online presence, manage variable costs, and develop campaigns that convert. StickySmart Reporting demonstrates clear ROI, so you’ll always know your cost per lead―and that your budget delivers.

What’s Included

Search Engine Advertising
Heavy-lifting ads that earn top-ranking results

Google AdWords Management
High-powered, data-driven pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns

Call Monitoring & Transcription
Quality control and lead prioritization empowers informed action

Mobile Optimized Ads
All StickySmart ads have mobile-friendly counterparts

Online Chat
Your website works harder, capturing leads while providing excellent 24x7x365 service

Retargeting Advertising
Stay in front of qualified customers after they visit your site

Banner Ad Design
Custom retargeting ads designed to convert

Google Reviews
Build number and frequency of positive reviews to bolster brand image

Job Map
For the Home Improvement set, display finished projects in your service areas

StickySmart Reporting
Weekly detail on budget spend / cost per lead; monthly online campaign review meetings

To see an actual client proposal comparing bundle vs. à la carte pricing, click below.

Why It Works

The StickySmart Pro Bundle generates the best qualified leads by leveraging the right combination of digital platforms and targeting customers looking for you. We know where—and when—to invest your money to get the best return. We’ll earn your business and your trust. Plus we’ll benchmark a cost per lead that you like, then beat it. Clients love that.

Our depth of experience and creative approach deliver unmistakable results. And truly useful StickySmart Reporting is our secret sauce. It’s another reason clients love us…and why they stay with us, year over year.

Bundling services provides the flexibility we need to deliver the best ROI for you.

What It Costs

There are many components to a successful lead-gen strategy, so managing day-to-day spend is a challenge. With the StickySmart Pro Bundle, we help clients identify a fixed budget and target lead cost, then manage variable expenses accordingly―so you don’t have to.

With average budgets ranging from $2,000-$12,000 and enterprise clients up to $150,000, our clients know exactly what they’ll spend each month. They also see clearly how we help build their bottom line.

No set up charges, no long-term contracts, no excessive fees. We target 20% margin on our work, but our priority is to deliver your cost per lead within your budget. If we ever exceed 20% margin in a quarter, we’ll roll any overage into your next quarterly budget.

Service Pricing

While most clients find our StickySmart Pro Bundle to offer the best value—and results—individual digital advertising services are available at à la carte pricing.

Pricing Options

Search Set-Up Fee
Google AdWords (PPC)
Based on Client Budget / Rates
Adwords Management Fee 20% of AdWords Budget

Monthly AdWords Budget

Monthly AdWords Fee

Mobile Campaigns $350 per Month
Chat Set-Up Fee
Chats (with AdWords budgets)
Chat (without AdWords budget)
Chat Reporting
$20 Each
$40 Each
$50 per Month
Banner Ad Design (4 Ads, 2 Revisions)
Banner Ad Design (Additional Revision)
Banner Reporting
Based on Client Budget / Rates
$99 Each
$50 per Month
Facebook Set-Up Fee
Facebook Advertising
Facebook Reporting
Based on Client Budget / Rates
$99 per Month

Monthly Facebook Budget

Monthly AdWords Fee

Google Reviews Set-Up Fee
Google ReviewsJob Map
Job Map Set-Up FeeTranscription
$299 per Month$99 per Month
$99$96 per Month
$80 per Month

StickySmart Pro Bundle
Lead Budget $5,280
AdWords Budget Included
AdWords Mgmt Fee 20% Included
Search Set-Up Fee n/a
Mobile Campaign Included
Chat Set-Up Fee n/a
Chat Fee @ $20 each Included
Google Review Set-Up Fee n/a
Google Review System Included
Job Map Set-Up Fee n/a
Job Map Service Included
Retargeting Ad Design Included
Retargeting Budget Included
Total Money Up Front $5,280
Regular Monthly Fee* $5,280

À La Carte (First Month)
Lead Budget
AdWords Budget $5,280
AdWords Mgmt Fee 20% $1,056
Search Set-Up Fee $299
Mobile Campaign $350
Chat Set-Up Fee $200
Chat Fee @ $20 each $200
Google Review Set-Up Fee $149
Google Review System $299
Job Map Set-Up Fee $99
Job Map Service $99
Retargeting Ad Design $399
Retargeting Budget $200
Total Money Up Front $8,630
Regular Monthly Fee* $7,484


(Excerpt from full proposal, comparing StickySmart Pro Bundle to Individual Service pricing.)

*Note: The StickySmart Pro Bundle costs significantly less than individually priced services and it delivers better results. With this actual client, we agreed to a bundled lead cost goal of $165 (estimated cost per lead for à la carte services was $233 due to excessive industry standard fees). Not only did we achieve our $165 benchmark, we beat it. Actual cost-per-lead after the first 109 days was $99.69.